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Integrated Chinese 3rd Edition Transition Guide

Transition Guide Includes:

  • New Features of the Third Edition
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the 3rd Edition
  • Lesson-by-Lesson Plan of Integrated Chinese
  • Appendix (with samples)
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USC Chinese Characters Guide

This is the character page we created and most enjoyed by people all over the world:

Please feel free to use it.

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New Vocabulary Study Tools

Yongan Wu at the University of North Florida has developed a suite of vocabulary study tools correlated to Integrated Chinese. To try out this program, please download the attachment. 

After you have downloaded the attachment:

To install, please click "ChineseVocab.jar" if you are using a Mac.

Please click "Chinese Vocab - Windows.exe" if you are using Windows.

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Music Videos

One of the great nights of studying Chinese was when I went on to to check out their selections of videos to immerse myself into the chinese language.  I came across music videos, and having come very close to completing Integrated Chinese Level One, Part One I could understand a couple of songs.  Here is my favorite one that gave me a real boost of confidence: