Additional Texts and Activities, Lessons 1.1 and 1.2 Listening Practice (Volume 1, Part 1 Workbook)

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Lesson 1.1 Listening Practice: Exercise III-C (Volume 1, Part 1 Workbook page 3)

Lā dà jù, chě dà jù,


Working with a big saw,

Nǐ lái, wǒ qù.


You pull, I push.

Lesson 1.1 Listening Practice: Exercise III-G (Volume 1, Part 1 Workbook page 4)

This online version of the rhyme includes Chinese characters and English. The workbook version shows pinyin only.

Yáng liǔ qīng, fàng fēng zhēng.


When the willows turn green, we fly kites.

Yáng liǔ huáng, tī jiàn máng.


When the willows turn yellow, we kick the shuttlecock.

Lesson 1.2 Listening Practice: Exercise III (Volume 1, Part 1 Workbook page 12)

This online version of the rhyme includes Chinese characters and English. The workbook version shows pinyin only.

A. yiqiang rexue


full of righteous ardor

B. yugong yishan


"the foolish old man who removed mountains" - to not be afraid of difficulties

C. yegong haolong


"Lord Ye loves dragons" - to profess love of what one actually fears

D. jingdi zhiwa


"a frog in a well" - a person with a limited outlook or narrow vision

E. shuizhong laoyue


"to fish for the moon in the water" - to make vain efforts

F. hujia huwei


"the fox borrows the tiger's terror (by walking with the tiger)" - to bully others by flaunting one's powerful connections


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