Ideas for performing the Level 2 plays

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In these PDFs, the author of Setting the Stage for Chinese has shared photos of stage props and costumes (with brief instructions) used in her students' productions, plus other notes related to the stories. Yuanchao Meng has been teaching Chinese in the United States for 12 years and strives to make learning the language and culture interesting for students through class performances of traditional myths and legends from China. We hope that these materials will inspire your class performances and make learning Chinese fun! Feel free to post suggestions and pictures of your own.

1 - Moon Story ideas for performance.pdf242.72 KB
2 - Five Brothers ideas for performance.pdf168.32 KB
3 - Lantern Festival ideas for performance.pdf389.43 KB
4 - Cang Jie ideas for performance.pdf451.84 KB
5 - Dragon Boat Festival ideas for performance.pdf472.9 KB
6 - Cowherd & Weaver Girl ideas for performance.pdf220.73 KB
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