So Your School is Starting a Business Chinese Program?

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In this free PDF download, expert educators Jane C.M. Kuo and Wan-wen Kuo share their thoughts on making business Chinese programs as useful and efficient as possible.

Dr. Jane C.M. Kuo is the author of our popular business Chinese textbooks Open for Business and Startup Business Chinese. She has taught all levels of Chinese language, including advanced business Chinese at California State University and Thunderbird. She is professor emerita of Chinese Studies at Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management, and holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Arizona State University.

Wan-wen Kuo (no relation) is a Language Lecturer in the department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania. She has created an online course in business Chinese survival skills for graduate students at UPenn's Wharton School of Business.

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