New Vocabulary Study Tools


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This is a great resource!  There are a few weird error messages when launching the software, and changing chapters, but advancing a few times clears them, and the flashcards come up.  The sound feature, and the sentences for additional practice are very helpful.  I'm so glad that this little program was expanded to add IC 1 part 2.  I used the original software for part 1 *constantly* to review and check pronounciation.

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I've been using this resource to review my Chinese year 1 class, and it has been great, so far.  (I posted the only other comment on this.)  However, I found that the software audio files for sentences stop at Lesson 12, part 1, which is very unfortunate.  I plan to try to re-install the software, but I'm wondering if anyone else is using this program, and if they have experienced the same thing.  If the creator/s are monitoring this board, are they aware of this error?

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This is brilliant! It has everything in it. I pull up a word in Chinese and do my best, play how it is actually supposed to sound and then I have a better understanding of pronunciation. A very well-put together program, and its great I can use it on my Mac. Thank you!