Expected Turnout?

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I am a student studying Japanese in college, and I think I might want to try out this contest.  I'm wondering, what kind of turnout are you expecting?  How many entries would you anticipate?  I thought that it would be a lot, but the forum seems so empty, so I'm a little puzzled.

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Thank you for your interest in Cheng & Tsui SuperStar. If you visit www.cheng-tsui.com/superstar, the official contest site, you can view all the video submissions from last year's contest and get a sense for the number of entries. We hope this year's contest will be even bigger! You can also check that site starting March 1st, to view other contestants' videos as they are entered. I encourage you to participate—best of luck and ganba te (がんばって)!

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How are most people finding out about this contest?  I stumbled upon it by accident.

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