Chinese Breeze

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I saw the Chinese Breeze series of books on the website, and wondered if it was in simplified characters, traditional, or both?  If both, on opposite pages, or is one in an appendix? 

These look like they might be exactly the sort of product I was looking for to help me practice.  Is there any chance that we could get a downloadable preview of at least one of the books to give us an idea of how it's set up?



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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your interest in Chinese Breeze! To answer your questions, the series uses only simplified characters. As we do not publish Chinese Breeze ourselves (its publisher is Peking University Press), we regret that copyright issues prevent us from giving a preview on our website. However, if you would like to try out the books, they are only $4.99 each, which includes an audio CD for each title.

Let us know if you have other questions,

Editorial Assistant