What would make the SuperStar contest better?

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While this year's contest is still underway, we're already hearing ideas and suggestions about how to make next year's contest even better. This forum is the place to collect and discuss your opinions about how the contest should run, or just to share your experience as a contestant or an instructor.

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And if you have ideas for other language-based contests, we'd love to hear about those too.

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I think more racial and sexual diversity would be much needed and readily welcomed!

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I totally agree. Chinese culture is already being dominated demographically and politcally by men, art should not follow suit. Affirmative action needs to be introduced into the contest. For example, maybe a video featuring racial minorities or all females automatically gets 10 votes!

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I think this is a great idea.  My class CHI102 only has males in it, but at least there are a couple of minorities.  But what do you do about the gay men in the course who's minority status isn't apparent?  And don't we want all types of people taking Chinese?  There are two homosexuals in the class that are open; there could be more.  Actually in Taiwan most of the white men I came into contact with were gay--I think it is interesting.  The next question is then why are the Chinese texts used in classrooms so hetronormative.   Plus, very few people of color.  Mainly white people and asian people.