3rd Edition Error

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Just unwrapped my copy of the 3rd Edition and am writing up my weekly lesson plans.  I noticed that the character "起“ (qi3) is written incorrectly throughout the text.  The right part should be open at the top, but it is closed.  For example, see "对不起“ in lesson 5, p. 125.  Might  want to fix that before running any more copies off the press.

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Dear Visitor,

Thanks for your comment. This is actually a common variation of this character and appears in many kaishu (regular script-style) fonts. We'd be interested to hear whether other teachers also feel this variation could be confusing for their students.


Editorial Department

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There's also a mistake with the pinyin in Level 1, Part 1 on page 51 - "Bai" has the 4th tone while on page 67 "Bai" has the 2nd tone. Both times, the person is saying her name, Bai Ying'ai.

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Thank you for your feedback! We will certainly plan to correct this typo in the reprint.


Editorial Dept

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but I think we should at least follow the most common variation or even the standard font issued by some authority. Personally I would follow the fonts in Xiandai Hanyu Cidian by Shangwu Yinshuguan. So I consider the variation in the textbook wrong.

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We hope the variant characters have not detracted too much from your experience using Level 1 Part 1, Third Edition. You'll be pleased to know that, due to similar feedback, the authors of Integrated Chinese have decided to use more common forms of certain characters in Level 1 Part 2 (such as 起 with 己 as the righthand component) and in Level 2. These forms will also be used in future printings of Level 1 Part 1.


Editorial Dept

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I've noticed that in the character workbook, sometimes the stroke order is different between the numbers in the full character, and the actual drawn-out stroke order. I don't have it in front of me at the moment, but I remember there being enough that students were told not to pay attention to the numbers.