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This set of the textbook is good for university course but not for high school.  In most high schools, textbooks are rental, so students are not supposed to write on it.  With exercises in the textbook, it makes it harder for high school to use.  In most schools in Canada, students can byt workbook so they can write on it.  Is it possible to print a different set for high schools?

Jenny Li

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Li Laoshi, thanks for taking the time to give us your
feedback. This particular series was actually written primarily for use in
college courses, although we are delighted to hear that you are using it in
your high school course.

In our Huanying series, which was developed specifically
for high schools, we do offer a separate workbook to help meet the needs of
high school teachers and students. The Integrated Chinese series also has
separate workbooks and character workbooks. We will certainly consider this
issue in future editions of Chinese for Tomorrow!

Editorial Department