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i tried to download the software and run it on os x 10.4.11 with no luck. i cant find any kind of executable software program [China Scene.osx is there, but will not run]. i havent tried it but why exactly do they suggest to first download to pc, then copy to mac?

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Thanks for your question. You're right that there does seem to be a problem getting the software to run on OS X as currently configured, and we're looking into it. We will let you know when we find a solution.

In the meantime, you're right, it's not necessary to download to a PC first, since OS X is natively capable of handling .zip files.


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We checked into this issue, but no real answers yet. We don't distribute this software directly, so we don't have as much information to go on as we would for one of our own packages.

I tried it myself on Leopard and found all of the same issues you raised - it may be that this software just isn't compatible with later versions of OS X - but hopefully we'll get some word from the developers on this soon.


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