New updates of AP supplement materials available

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Hi everybody,

We have just updated the trial versions of the AP* Kanji List and FlashCards program available on the companion site.

If you haven't checked out these materials yet, what we're offering is a list of all the kanji required for the AP* exam; and a flashcard program covering kanji from every lesson of the Adventures in Japanese series, as well as all the AP* kanji, organized by lesson. Both of these are free downloads. The flashcard program is available for Windows and Mac; the kanji list should work on any computer.

These are still beta versions and we would like to get user feedback, so if you have any suggestions or encounter any problems with the programs, please tell us about it.

-Laurel (Cheng & Tsui, Editorial Department)

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trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of,
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