Cultural Notes in the Adventures In Japanese text books

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My Idea is for there to be More Cultural Notes In the Text Book. The Notes should include not only the cultural notes on the languge but on some of the vocab words. These notes could include just fun notes about the vocab. EX. Hontoo(true) on japanese game shows people show they are answering true questions by coneting their hands over their heads forming an O, also to show the answer is false they cross their arms forming an X.

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jbuddycool: Thanks for taking time to contact us with what you'd like to see more of in this series.

Are you saying that you'd like more facts and information relating to Japanese culture, via the vocabulary you're learning? Or, if I'm understanding your example correctly, do you mean you wish for more visual aids to accompany vocabulary and exercises?

Cheng & Tsui Editorial Staff Member

Cheng & Tsui Editorial Staff Member