Hard to locate files!

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I've had a difficult time locating files on your site. For example, I had to try a number of search terms to find the PDF sample pages for some of your books. Why aren't sample pages linked from the product pages, for example, or why isn't there a hierarchical index of your files?

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Thanks for the feedback! We definitely want to make files as easy to find as possible. Sample pages are linked from the product pages, as a rule, though we are still working on linking them up for each of our hundreds of products. For series that include several books and supplements, we decided that it would be most useful to link samples from specific products rather than the general series page (for example, a sample of Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 is linked from the product page for that volume, not the Integrated Chinese series page).

Would you find it helpful if the search bar on our homepage had an option to search only downloadable files, in the same way that you can choose to search products, forums, etc.?

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Yes, being able to restrict searches to files only was one of the problems I was having while searching for sample pages. I tried to find a category I could search that was more likely to contain sample pages but that didn't seem to work. Perhaps a "sample pages" category would also be useful.

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Thanks for the feedback -

We've just added "Downloads" as a search category - which will limit your search to only downloabale files on the site.

To fine tune your results even more - I would recommend trying our "Advanced Search" options - available from the main search page.

You will see even more options to filter the results by the type of content or specific category that you are looking for - Previews/Sample Pages, for example.

I hope you find this helpful, and rest assured we will continue to work to make our site search even easier and more useful.

Jeremiah Dow
Cheng & Tsui Company

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I realy enjoy this cheng tsui stuff. Can you also ship that to germany ?

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No problem - international rates apply of course, everything is leaving from Fitchburg, MA - but we can ship anywhere UPS delivers. We can also arrange Fed-Ex by phone - the rates might be lower.

Jeremiah Dow
Cheng & Tsui Company