Reviews and resources for Asia-related multimedia

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The Asia Educational Media Service, located at the University of Illinois, seems like a great resource for teachers who want to find quality multimedia materials related to Asian culture. They have a huge database to help you find films, audio, and other curriculum materials that are relevant to your interests, as well as a newsletter that reviews the most current offerings in the field. If you're in the Champaign-Urbana area, you can even borrow materials from their library to use in your classes.

Also a great site for students looking for research resources!


From the AEMS website:

The Asian Educational Media Service (AEMS) helps educators find multimedia resources for teaching about Asia in order to promote understanding of Asian cultures and peoples.

AEMS offers help in locating audio-visual media resources about Asia and advice in choosing among the many resources available. We maintain an extensive database with more than 5,000 records for DVDs, video cassettes, CD-ROMs, audio cassettes, and curriculum units with audio-visual components that are useful for learning and teaching about Asia. Each record includes information on how to obtain the item directly from its distributor. We invite you to be in contact with AEMS for direct assistance in finding resources, free of charge.