CD ROM Problems

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I downloaded disc 1 onto my computer, but everytime I try to log in I get the message "failed to open the unit or unsupported unit format!"  What does that mean?  How do I get it to work?

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When you say "downloaded" the disk - you mean you did the hard drive installation?

I would try installing it again - just go to add/remove, to completely uninstall it, you might have to reboot.

Then run the setup from disk 1, choose to install to your hard drive again - and then make sure to insert disk two and completey finish the setup - if no errors, should be all set.

Jeremiah Dow
Cheng & Tsui Company

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re: Chinese Odyssey vol 1 cd-rom

1) Lesson 1-Phonetics-Traditional-Phonetics I, II, III, IV-Initials and Finals:

There is no feedback to tell if you are correct or not. The submit button merely repeats the audio. Isn't there supposed to be a score or a confirmation of correct or not?


2)Phonetics I, II, III, IV Exercise I Task 2:

What is supposed to happen here besides hear the words? There are buttons to click but they do nothing.


3) task 4 Dictation:

How do we type the tones? When I type in word processing, I type the number and the computer puts the tone. What's the trick here?