Word processing in Chinese

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What's your favorite word processor for working with Chinese text?

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To keep things simple and consistent, I asked all my students to use Microsoft's IME input for both Traditional and Simplified characters.  This is also in line with the College Board AP Chinese exam.  The students gain confidence from using it regularly before taking the AP exam.  The only draw back is that the default font is very basic, MS has not offered built-in fancy fonts so far.



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   Between Microsoft IME for simplified characters on the one hand and MS IME for traditional characters on the other, the IME for simplified characters tends to work better and faster, with fewer incorrect characters requiring the typist's correction.

    Alternatively, you can download Google Pinyin IME from the web and use that if you either don't have Microsoft IME or have problems with it. Some users aver that Google Pinyin IME works better than Microsoft IME. I haven't yet seen convincing proof of that; either should be able to do a passable job.