We're back with new features!

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An email should be going out to all of you who were already registered, but I'll re-post the content here covering most of the improvements that were made in the last round of development:

Thank you for being among the first to try PeerSource, Cheng & Tsui's new online community resource center for Asian language students and teachers. You may have noticed that the site has been "under maintenance", as we've been busy implementing many changes and improvements based on your feedback.

Today, we're happy to announce that we're back, and would like to re-extend our invitation to members to come back and try the new version of PeerSource.

Here's a few of the major changes and new features:

Introducing Community Companion Sites
Based on your feedback, we've re-worked what were previously textbook groups to bring you instead, "Community Companion Sites" for all of our textbook series. You can browse resources organized by volume or lesson, and choose whether you want to view resources we've provided, or those submitted by other members - or both. We've also made it even easier for you to post your own resources from anywhere on the site.

New Discussion Forums
Discussion topics have been moved into forums, as an improved extension of the forums on the Cheng & Tsui website. These are open-ended, allowing you to discuss anything you would like, but we've also provided a simple framework for discussions relating to particular books and common topics.

Tabbed Comments and Tags
We've focused on making the new companion sites as easy to navigate as possible, so we've moved discussion about a particular resource into a separate view, labeled "Comments". Tags are now handled in the same way.

There are many more small improvements, and we appreciate all of you who provided such valuable feedback to us.

We hope you will come back and give PeerSource another try, and let us know what you think.

Thanks again,
PeerSource Team