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by eric.pelzl
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by thomasglarsen
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Share your feedback about "Strive for a 5: AP Chinese Practice Tests." This book contains everything needed to prepare for the exam, including an introduction to the AP Chinese exam’s structure and organization, study suggestions, as well as intense practice covering all major themes that are generally taught in the AP Chinese course.
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China Scene allows students to achieve greater language fluency and learn about changes in Chinese society through DVD and audio recordings of authentic TV programs.
7 14 14 years 14 weeks ago
by JJ
An essential resource for learners concerned with the accurate and fluent usage of measure words.
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A multi-skilled course, Chinese for Tomorrow emphasizes pinyin keyboarding to improve word retention and composition-writing ability.
2 5 14 years 40 weeks ago
by Philip (not verified)
An interactive combination of text and multimedia, Chinese Odyssey is a stimulating course for students at all levels.
2 11 15 years 40 weeks ago
by Richard (not verified)
For advanced learners, Close the Deal provides practical lessons and case studies that allow students to obtain a solid grasp of business Chinese.
2 2 16 years 38 weeks ago
by Laurel
Flying with Chinese is an elementary textbook series suited for Grades K-6 and heritage learners.
1 1 16 years 49 weeks ago
by Laurel
Huanying is a course for secondary students that features a full-color textbook design, contemporary topics, and exercises and activities that are both fun and meaningful.
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by lanting
A widely used textbook series, Integrated Chinese uses real-life situations to build writing, reading, listening and speaking proficiency in Chinese.
15 50 13 years 5 weeks ago
by ChineseTeacher
Li Bai and Du Fu offers the appreciation and analysis of 26 different poems, giving advanced learners the opportunity to discover the subtleties of both contemporary and classical Chinese language.
2 11 15 years 46 weeks ago
by ydl (not verified)
A course focused on listening comprehension skills, Making Connections features recordings of natural unrehearsed conversations by native speakers.
1 15 15 years 46 weeks ago
by Laurel
Using Open for Business, students can expand their knowledge of Chinese business trends and gain the ability to carry out business presentations and negotiations in Chinese.
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The Setting the Stage series allows learners of all ages to read and perform well-loved tales in Chinese.
1 1 16 years 49 weeks ago
by Laurel
Startup Business Chinese escorts beginning learners through daily business and social situations encountered by executives doing business in and with China.
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This series of supplementary readers, each tailored for a different language level, introduces students to well-known stories and sayings in the Chinese literary tradition.
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The Way of Chinese Characters presents the historical origin and evolution of four hundred essential characters, giving students the context and mnemonic devices they need for writing and retaining Chinese words.
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A best-selling high school series, Adventures in Japanese combines cultural activities with beginning-to-advanced language instruction.
9 10 16 years 13 weeks ago
by Laurel
Frog’s Tears is the second book to be released in the Cheng & Tsui Readings in Korean Culture Series, which offers supplemental reading material that corresponds to different levels of Korean language proficiency.
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