Another Kind of Paradise

Another Kind of Paradise presents 21 contemporary short stories that delve into the contending passions, beauties, and contradictions of contemporary life throughout the East and Southeast Asian region—now more commonly known as the Asia-Pacific. This wide-ranging anthology of fiction in English features writers at the top of their craft in Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and all over the continent. As front-line witnesses, these writers document deep social, political, and economic changes in the region through their stories. The result is compelling reading ideal for Asian literature and Asian studies courses or for anyone interested in world literature, Asian society amid the currents of globalization, or the latest voices from the Asia-Pacific world. The anthology includes notes on each author's works and life, as well as an insightful overview of the field by the editor and a foreword by the editors of Manoa Journal.

Online Seminar

A New Way of Seeing: Fresh Literary Approaches to Teaching About Asia

On March 11th, celebrated East-West literary scholar, Dr. Trevor Carolan, editor of Cheng & Tsui's acclaimed new anthology Another Kind of Paradise: Short Stories from the New Asia-Pacific, spoke about the exciting new literature coming out of East and Southeast Asia. Watch the recording of this event below, and learn how the Asia-Pacific's most distinguished writers can be used in the classroom to turn students on to current realities in daily life and customs throughout this critical area of our world.

Download the presentation below.