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Designing a Lesson for High School Chinese: Sequenced Instruction for Better Understanding

Authors Jiaying Howard, professor of Chinese at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and Lanting Xu, Mandarin Chinese teacher at Bellarmine College Preparatory in California, will discuss and give examples of how to create a sequenced lesson plan for high school Chinese classes. Using materials from their new textbook series, Huanying, the authors will demonstrate how to incorporate effective and engaging activities into your curriculum, giving students practice in all four language skills.

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One Class, Three Modes: Engage High School Students in Active Communication

In the language course, communication is the final goal and can be presented in a complete model of three modes: Interpretive, Presentational, and Interpersonal. But how do teachers engage high school students in active communication? The design and authenticity of texts and activities play a significant role. In this presentation Lanting Xu, co-author of the new Chinese language series Huanying, explains the three modes in sequenced instructions and demonstrates communicative activities with practical examples from the Huanying series.

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