IC 1-1 Workbook Answer Keys

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The Workbook Answer Key for IC Level 1 Part 1, in simplified and traditional versions.

  • To receive the Integrated Chinese Answer Keys, you must make your request in the following manner: Requests must be made in writing by fax or email on official school letterhead, or with a school (.edu) e-mail address to orders@cheng-tsui.com.
  • Please include the instructor’s name, physical address of the school, telephone number, email address, and course name. We ask you to handle your request in this manner so we may verify your identity and only issue Answer Keys to authorized instructors.
  • Cheng & Tsui will turn over the name of any student found trying to register as an instructor to his or her institution. Disciplinary action may be taken by the school if the student is found to be violating academic honesty policy.
  • This is copyrighted material and it is unlawful to copy, distribute in any manner, or post on the Internet. Your cooperation in preventing answer keys from being copied or distributed is appreciated by Cheng & Tsui and your fellow instructors.
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