Great series!

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So far these books are great. They're simple enough that I can use them with a non-professional tutor. No wonder they are so popular!

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I have worked through Chpater 8 of Part 1 in an adult class and like your books, but . . .

In too many cases you provide a translation of Chinese sentence A to be English sentence B. However if you tranlsate English sentence B back into Chinese yoiu get Chinese sentence C. And C is not the same as A.

It would be more helpful for you to translate Chinese sentence A into an English sentence D that follows the word structure closest to sentence A. If we get used to seeing sentence D, it will give us a reminder of the proper Chinese sentence.

Thus please use translation D that provides Chinese A -> English D - > Chinese A

Of the many possible English translations, please use the one that is closest to the Chinese sentence, so that it translates back into A. A lot of review work is needed to make the next publication of your texts better.

Bernard, New Jersey

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Thanks for your feedback, Bernard. When it comes to translation, it is always a delicate balance between finding an idiomatic translation that captures the flavor of the original, and a more literal translation that mirrors the structure. We will keep this issue in mind!