Power Point Slides for Grammar and Vocabulary

These Power Point slides show the target grammar and vocabulary for each dialogue in the Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 2 textbook. The file names are written to indicate the lesson, dialogue number and whether it reviews grammar or vocabulary. For example: L11-D2-V is for Lesson 11, Dialogue 2, Vocabulary.

L11-D1-G.ppt737 KB
L11-D1-V.ppt420.5 KB
L11-D2-G.ppt317 KB
L11-D2-V.ppt569 KB
L12-D1-G.ppt819.5 KB
L12-D1-V.ppt2.05 MB
L12-D2-G.ppt351.5 KB
L12-D2-V.ppt1.05 MB
L13-D1-G_r.ppt1.09 MB
L13-D1-V_r.ppt719 KB
L13-D2-G.ppt1.45 MB
L13-D2-V.ppt3.28 MB
L14-D1-G.ppt363.5 KB
L14-D1-V_r.ppt1.77 MB
L14-D2-G.ppt4.58 MB
L14-D2-V.ppt1.43 MB
L15-D1-G.ppt672 KB
L15-D1-V_r.ppt788.5 KB
L15-D2-G.ppt383 KB
L15-D2-V.ppt409.5 KB
L16-D1-G_r.ppt900 KB
L16-D1-V.ppt222 KB
L16-D2-G.ppt501 KB
L16-D2-V.ppt375 KB
L17-D1-G.ppt437.5 KB
L17-D1-V.ppt460 KB
L17-D2-G.ppt758 KB
L17-D2-V_r.ppt1.33 MB
L18-D1-G_r.ppt756 KB
L18-D1-V_r.ppt486 KB
L18-D2-G.ppt707.5 KB
L18-D2-V.ppt429 KB
L19-D1-G.ppt299.5 KB
L19-D1-V.ppt2.02 MB
L19-D2-G_r.ppt772.5 KB
L19-D2-V.ppt1.34 MB
L20-D1-G.ppt1.27 MB
L20-D1-V.ppt442 KB
L20-D2-G.ppt432.5 KB
L20-D2-V.ppt647 KB