Power Point Slides for Grammar and Vocabulary

These Power Point slides show the target grammar and vocabulary for each dialogue in the Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 textbook. The file names are written to indicate the lesson, dialogue number and whether it reviews grammar or vocabulary. For example: L1-D2-V is for Lesson 1, Dialogue 2, Vocabulary.

L1-D1-G.ppt313.5 KB
L1-D1-V.ppt461.5 KB
L1-D2-G.ppt514.5 KB
L2-D1-G.ppt551.5 KB
L2-D1-V.ppt492 KB
L2-D2-G.ppt511.5 KB
L1-D2-V_r.ppt439 KB
L2-D2-V.ppt594.5 KB
L3-D1-G.ppt585.5 KB
L3-D1-V.ppt1.53 MB
L3-D2-G.ppt295 KB
L3-D2-V_r.ppt918.5 KB
L4-D1-G.ppt483.5 KB
L4-D1-V_r.ppt1.45 MB
L4-D2-G.ppt423.5 KB
L4-D2-V_r.ppt894.5 KB
L5-D1-G.ppt505 KB
L5-D1-V.ppt3 MB
L5-D2-G.ppt365.5 KB
L5-D2-V.ppt473.5 KB
L6-D1-G.ppt340 KB
L6-D1-V.ppt670.5 KB
L6-D2-G.ppt373 KB
L6-D2-V.ppt401 KB
L7-D1-G_r.ppt800 KB
L7-D1-V.ppt911 KB
L7-D2-G.ppt353.5 KB
L7-D2-V.ppt496.5 KB
L8-D1-G.ppt988 KB
L8-D1-V_r.ppt736.5 KB
L8-D2-G.ppt535 KB
L8-D2-V.ppt469.5 KB
L9-D1-G.ppt694 KB
L9-D1-V_r.ppt2.58 MB
L9-D2-G.ppt397.5 KB
L9-D2-V.ppt1.01 MB
L10-D1-G.ppt609.5 KB
L10-D1-V.ppt739 KB
L10-D2-G.ppt424.5 KB
L10-D2-V_r.ppt559.5 KB