Level 1/ Part 1

Traditional Workbook Corrections

Please download the attached PDFs for corrections to the IC 1-1 Traditional workbook:

  • P. 165 corrects a simplified character in the lesson heading.
  • P. 181-184 corrects simplified characters in the second review section.

Level 1 Part 1 Vocabulary Index with Traditional and Simplified Characters

This vocabulary index contains both traditional and simplified character forms, for students who would like to compare and learn both versions.

A set of Power-Point slides for Integrated Chinese, Level I, Part I (3rd edition)

In this set of PPT, topics of grammar structures are listed at the beginning of each lesson as “Objectives”. Each topic is linked to a few PPT slides for classroom practice. You can choose the ones you want to use in any order you like, or use all of them.

For most of the practice slides, the answers are provided after students answer them with just another click, so the structures are reinforced.

At the end of each set of practice, there is a button which can bring you back to the first page (objectives), where you can pick another topic.

Additional IC 1-1 Exercises from the Authors

Chengyu Gushi and Other Ancient Stories

A collection of chengyu stories and other ancient Chinese stories and parables, with vocabulary glosses and comprehension questions. These were included in the Integrated Chinese 2nd Edition Workbook and are now being offered as a free supplement to the 3rd Edition (or any other textbook). Level is suitable for intermediate level of proficiency (equivalent to the second year of college study).

Integrated Chinese 1-1 Video Worksheet Answer Keys

Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 Video Activity Worksheets

This is a collection of video worksheets that accompany the Integrated Chinese Textbook Level 1 Part 1 DVDs. Each worksheet includes pre-viewing, viewing, and post-viewing activities that support instruction using the videos in class. The resources are available in both PDF and Word DOC formats, which can be easily edited to fit different classroom settings.

Level 1 Part 1 Sentence Pattern Drills

Pattern drills for practicing sentence patterns from Level 1 Part 1.

MS/HS Home School Connection Letters

Power Point Slides for Grammar and Vocabulary

These Power Point slides show the target grammar and vocabulary for each dialogue in the Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 textbook. The file names are written to indicate the lesson, dialogue number and whether it reviews grammar or vocabulary. For example: L1-D2-V is for Lesson 1, Dialogue 2, Vocabulary.

Traditional Workbook Photo

Here is an electronic version of this image, in case the characters are hard to read in the printed book.