Chinese Odyssey

An interactive series combining text and technology, Chinese Odyssey will enlighten and stimulate students of Chinese at all levels. This flexible courseware, developed and field-tested by a teaching team from Johns Hopkins University, is carefully sequenced to take students through their first three years of Chinese. Using a range of multimedia formats, students of Chinese Odyssey can practice their language skills in a variety of interactive situations.

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Volume 1

General Resources

English translations of video dialogues, Volume 1

English translations of the video dialogues in the Chinese Odyssey Volume 1 CD-ROM now available!

CO English Translation of Video Dialogues Vol 1.pdf124.18 KB

Chinese Odyssey, Volume 1, Teachers Guide Field Test Edition

Chinese Odyssey Vol. 1 Teacher Guide, Field Test Edition.pdf1.2 MB

Chinese Odyssey Volume 1 Multimedia CD-ROM Patch

Readme for CO 1 Update.doc23.5 KB
CO_Vol1_1-10_update.zip75.98 MB

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Volume 2