How do I post a new resource?

Contributing to PeerSource is easy!

1. On a companion site, use the links in the right sidebar to find an appropriate category for your resource (for more help, see Where should I post my resource?).

2. Click on a Post new resource button in that category.

3. On the submission page, type in a Name (e.g., "Vocabulary Game, Level 1 Part 1, Lesson 5"), Description and Tags for your resource.

4. If your resource is in a file saved on your computer, select it using the Browse button, and click Attach.

5. At the bottom of the page, click Preview to check that everything looks fine.

6. When you're ready to submit, click Save — and you're done!

Where should I post my resource?

To make it easier for other users to find your contribution, you should select the most specific category for your resource. For example, if you have a crossword puzzle that uses vocabulary only found in Volume 1, Lesson 1, you should post it on the Volume 1, Lesson 1 page, instead of the Volume 1 page.

However, if you have a more general resource, such as a lesson plan for all the lessons in Volume 1, you should post it on the Volume 1 page.


  • By default, your new resource will be posted to the current page you were viewing when you clicked on the Post new resource button.
  • If you can't find a suitable category, please post a description of the problem in the support forum so that a staff member can assist you.

What types of files are allowed?

The following file extensions are currently enabled for attachment:

jpg jpeg gif png txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp zip dmg mp3 wma

Each file can be up to 4mb, and you are limited to 50mb total for your account.

Note: Currently, PeerSource does not support Word 2007 (.docx) files.

How do I edit or delete a resource that I posted?

You are free to edit or delete any of the resources that you have posted on PeerSource.

Both actions can be performed using the Edit form — just click on the Edit tab when viewing your resource. To remove your resource from the site, scroll to the bottom of the form and choose Delete.

You will be prompted to confirm this action. Remember, once your resource has been deleted, there will be no way to recover it!