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A set of Power-Point slides for Integrated Chinese, Level I, Part I (3rd edition)

In this set of PPT, topics of grammar structures are listed at the beginning of each lesson as “Objectives”. Each topic is linked to a few PPT slides for classroom practice. You can choose the ones you want to use in any order you like, or use all of them.

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One Class, Three Modes: Engage High School Students in Active Communication

In the language course, communication is the final goal and can be presented in a complete model of three modes: Interpretive, Presentational, and Interpersonal. But how do teachers engage high school students in active communication? The design and authenticity of texts and activities play a significant role.

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Syllabus and Curriculum Map

Here is a syllabus and curriculum map for teaching Huanying, Volume 1. They were created for Mandarin I at Marlborough High School.

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Music Videos

One of the great nights of studying Chinese was when I went on to youtube.com to check out their selections of videos to immerse myself into the chinese language.  I came across music videos, and having come very close to completing Integrated Chinese Level One, Part One I could understand a couple of songs.  Here is my favorite one that gave me a real boost of confidence:

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Designing a Lesson for High School Chinese: Sequenced Instruction for Better Understanding

Authors Jiaying Howard, professor of Chinese at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and Lanting Xu, Mandarin Chinese teacher at Bellarmine College Preparatory in California, will discuss and give examples of how to create a sequenced lesson plan for high school Chinese classes.

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Computer Chinese: A New Five-Skilled Approach to Teaching Chinese

Authors Wayne Wenchao He, a professor with over twenty years of experience and currently at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and Dela Jiao, Senior Lecturer of Chinese language at New York University, will discuss the innovative teaching approach that uses computer Chinese as a learning tool and fifth language skill.

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USC Chinese Characters Guide

This is the character page we created and most enjoyed by people all over the world:


Please feel free to use it.

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